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With total capacity at 52 mgd, Longview has sufficient water for the next century. Longview draws its water from three different sources: Lake Cherokee, the Sabine River, and Lake O’ The Pines. Average water usage is 16.5 mgd. Peak demand is 34 mgd. Raw and treated wastewater may also be available at significant savings.

Longview, TX, Water Quality Report 2012 (click to open pdf)

Longview, TX, Water Quality Report 2013 (click to open pdf)


Supplier   City of Longview
Source   Surface Water
Daily Capacity of Water Plant   52,000,000 gpd
Average Daily Use   16,500,000 gpd
Peak Consumption   34,000,000 gpd
Water Storage Capacity Ground 7,500,000 gals
  Elevation 4,450,000 gals
  Pressure in Mains 50 psi


Water & Wastewater


Water & Wastewater - Water Availability
Major Source Lake Cherokee, Sabine River, Lake O'The Pines
% of Population served from these sources 100% served by blending water from all sources
Water Treatment


Water Treatment
Name of Provider City of Longview
Related Capacity (mgd) 52 mgd
Average Daily Demand (mgd) 16.5 mgd
Peak Demand (mgd) 34.0 mgd
Cost per 1000 Gallons $2.55
Water Connection Fee $2600 for short side and $3400 for long side


Treatment Plant Activated sludge / Trickling filter
Average Daily Usage 12,500,000 gpd
Rated Capacity 21,000,000 gpd

Longview, Texas

Welcome to Longview, Texas, in the beautiful piney woods of Northeast Texas!

Longview is a prime location for business relocation, expansion and development.

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Longview Economic Development Corporation
410 North Center Street
Longview, Texas 75601
(800) 952-2613 Toll Free
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