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Job Seekers

Got scores? Get jobs.


Take the WorkKeys® Assessments


Step 1: Select a WorkKeys Assessment Site

2430 S. High Street, Longview, Texas 75602
Test Dates & Times: Tuesdays & Thursdays

To test at this site: Call 903.758.1783 to set-up a WorkKeys Assessment testing time and date or visit the Workforce Solutions East Texas office at the address above.


300 S. High Street, Longview, Texas 75601
Test Dates & Times: Call for Availability

To test at this site: Visit the Kilgore College – Longview Campus at the address above and complete an application at the main office.


Step 2: Take the WorkKeys Assessment at the selected site on the assigned day and time

Step 3: Receive your Skill Score immediately following the completion of your assessment

Step 4: Check with your test site for instruction on how your Skill Score will be submitted to employers


Frequently Asked Questions

What is WorkKeys®? 

ACT, the developers of the college entrance exam, designed WorkKeys® to assess real-world, workplace skills needed across most jobs. WorkKeys® is unlike the tests commonly taken in schools focusing on content like history, algebra and science. WorkKeys® measures common workplace skills like Reading for Information, Locating Information, and Applied Mathematics. The questions are based on situations in the everyday work world.   

Can I get hired just from my WorkKeys skill scores?

It depends on each individual employer, but like most jobs, there will be other requirements that the employer is looking for. Skill scores can help you demonstrate your ability to do the job if you lack experience, don’t have a degree, are currently in school or are transitioning to a new career.  

I’ve taken WorkKeys® and received my skill scores, but I’m not really sure what they mean.

There is a brief explanation on the bottom of each of your skill score reports. The WorkKeys® website  breaks down each assessment by skill score and gives a description of both what the assessment is measuring and what skills you have based on your score. You can use this information when communicating with potential employers to show them you have the skills to do the job.  

How can I “skill-up” or improve my skills score?  

You can skill-up for free using KeyTrain®, an online series of courses directly aligned with WorkKeys®. You can use KeyTrain® anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. There are also three Skill-Up Centers in Longview where you can access a computer and the internet, as well as other resources geared toward helping prepare you for getting a job, improving your skills, researching the types of jobs that match your skills and more.  

What is a National Career Readiness Certificate?  

The National Career Readiness Certificate or NCRC was also created by ACT and is issued to individuals who take the following WorkKeys® assessments: Reading for Information, Locating Information and Applied Math. The NCRC is nationally recognized across more than 40 states. You can learn more about the NCRC here 

I’ve lost my scores, how can I get new copies of my skill score report?  

You can retrieve your lost scores by calling: 1-800-967-5539. You can also create an account at here. You will need your “Examinee ID” that was given to you when you took your assessments. If you do not have this information, you can call the above phone number. Once you have completed this step, you will be able to view your scores online and print off copies in the “Test Management” section of the website. There is NO CHARGE to print off copies from this website. If you order “official transcripts” they charge $5.50 per transcript. If you have any problems, contact ACT directly, at the number above.

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