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Labor Force

Longview business and industry attracts employees from a 12-county region surrounding the city. With a population of 690,000, this region has over 300,000 workers. A large manufacturing base, in addition to local colleges, universities, and technical schools, contribute to an abundance of workers with a variety of skills for today’s economy.

 Labor Market Profile for Gregg County, by TIP Strategies, June 2013



Labor Participation Rate

Longview City 64.4%
Labor Market Commute Area 59.7%





Labor Market Draw Area
Labor Force Summary 
(October 2017)
Labor Force 306,514
Total Employment 294,124
Number Unemployed 12,390
Percent Unemployed 4.0%

Source: Texas Workforce Commission.
Labor Market Commute Area is 12 counties: Camp, Cass, Cherokee, Gregg, Harrison, Marion, Morris, Panola, Rusk, Smith, Upshur, Wood.


Longview MSA
Average Hourly Wage Rates
Occupation Average Wage
Machinist $21.61
CNC Operator $25.49
Welder $24.80
Machinery-Maintenance Worker $22.23
Crane Operator $25.44
Truck Driver $22.42
Team Assembler $13.74
General Laborer $12.71
Shipping Clerk $15.37
Secretary $13.88
Customer Service Representative (43-4051) $13.96
All Occupations $19.85

Source: Texas Workforce Commission.       July 2017
Longview MSA = Gregg, Rusk and Upshur counties


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