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Longview North Business Park, Certified "Ready"

Public Relations

For more information contact:
Susan Gill
Longview Economic Development Corporation

…Have we got NEWS for You!

Longview North Business Park Now "Fully Documented and Shovel Ready"

LONGVIEW, Texas – Following a rigorous process that entailed the systematic assembly of required documents, the North Business Park has been certified by Barber Business Advisors, LLC, (BBA) as being ready for immediate development by most industrial users.

The certification work was done over a six-month period in conjunction with the Longview Economic Development Corporation, which owns the 705-acre industrial park.

The industrial park is now certified as being “fully documented and shovel ready” by meeting certain requirements as outlined by BBA.

“It was a pleasure to work with Susan Mazarakes-Gill, executive director of the Longview Economic Development Corporation, and her talented staff, to see that the documentation process was performed,” said Dean Barber, president of Barber Business Advisors.

“As a result of our work together, Longview will be in a much better position to prove to any industrial users that tracts within this industrial park are ready to go for immediate development.”

Ms. Mazarakes-Gill said the certification process provided the Longview EDC staff with a deeper knowledge base of the industrial park. That knowledge base was built upon by collecting and completing a documentary file on a host of issues, including, but not limited to ownership, zoning, topography, utilities, environmental and transportation.

“We learned a lot about our park because of a process that we followed at Dean Barber’s direction,” Ms. Mazarakes-Gill said. “He helped us develop and accumulate the necessary documentation that clearly shows that our park is ready for immediate development. It was challenging, but it was well worth it.” AEP Southwestern Electric Power Company provided technical support and oversight during the Longview site certification process.

“We were happy to assist in the site certification process of the North Business Park. We believe it is imperative for communities to have properties that are ready for immediate development and that is what this process is all about,” said Frank Crockett, manager of economic development.

Barber said industrial site certification reduces risk for any prospective industrial user considering a site for future operations. Certification demonstrates the site is available, fully served and is developable on a fast-track basis.

“By going through a site certification process, a community is answering all the logical questions that could be posed about a particular site,” said Barber. “It’s a very tangible marketing tool for a community, because it essentially proves the work that has been done in transforming raw land into a viable site where the pitfalls have been eliminated.”

Ms. Mazarakes-Gill agreed the certification process sends a clear “pro-business” message to any company that would consider Longview.

“We want companies to know that they can succeed in Longview, TX and we’ll go to extra lengths to help them succeed here. Our North Business Park is a great place for a company to establish operations.”

The North Business Park opened in July 2010. The park’s first tenant, ScanTech Instruments, began construction in August 2012 and moved into their new facility in December 2012.

The Longview Economic Corporation was formed in 1991 for the purpose of creating and retaining primary jobs. Since its inception, the Corporation has assisted hundreds of firms, resulting in more than 8,000 new jobs in the region and $350 million in new investment. The Corporation is governed by an independent board of directors, comprised of five voting members and five non-voting members, which are appointed by the mayor and city council.

Barber Business Advisors, LLC is a site selection and economic development consulting firm based in Plano, Texas. BBA helps companies find optimal locations for future operations throughout North America when they expand or consolidate. BBA also serves economic development organizations in developing strategies to build a more productive business climate.


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