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WarFab Field Machining & Erection Corporation

Location: 607 Fisher Rd
Business Type: Provide services to meet both shop and field needs of the power generation, mining, lumber, perto-chemical, and steel industries.
Product Category: Machining & Erection
No. of Employees: 50
Distribution Area: Regional
Mailing Address: 607 Fisher Rd.
Longview, TX 75604
Contacts: Calvin Grace, Executive VP
Monica Cole, Human Resources
Amy Fite, Purchasing
Phone: 903-295-1011
Fax: 903-295-1982
Email: warfab@warfab.net
Website: www.warfab.net

Longview, Texas

Welcome to Longview, Texas, in the beautiful piney woods of Northeast Texas!

Longview is a prime location for business relocation, expansion and development.

Contact Information

Longview Economic Development Corporation
410 North Center Street
Longview, Texas 75601
(800) 952-2613 Toll Free
(903) 753-7878 Office
(903) 753-3646 Fax