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Workers Compensation

Basis of Rates per $100 Payroll  
Average Cost for Fabricated Products (code 4452) $4.04
Average Cost for Machinery Manufacturing (code 3507) $4.63
Average Cost for Metal Goods Manufacturing (code 3066) $5.89
Average Cost for Office Workers (code 8810)  $0.27
Maximum Weekly Benefit (10/01/13-09/30/14) (2) $861

 (1) Rates from Texas Worker's Compensation Rate Guide using 7/1/2015 relativities, May 2015
Payments on Workers Compensation premiums are determined by individual insurance companies. Rates shown are based on payroll for policy year.

(2) Figure from Tx Dept of Insurance, Maximum and Minimum Weekly Benefits Table, May 2015
The Maximum Weekly Benefit is the annual average weekly wage calculated by the Texas Workforce Comission.



Longview, Texas

Welcome to Longview, Texas, in the beautiful piney woods of Northeast Texas!

Longview is a prime location for business relocation, expansion and development.

Contact Information

Longview Economic Development Corporation
410 North Center Street
Longview, Texas 75601
(800) 952-2613 Toll Free
(903) 753-7878 Office
(903) 753-3646 Fax