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East Texas Regional Airport


• East Texas Regional Airport (GGG) located in Longview, Texas:

  • 10,000 FT Category I ILS Runway: This runway is served by an ASR-8 radar and an FAA controlled tower.
  • Airline Services: Commercial, corporate, private, military, and light cargo.
  • Modern Facilities
  • Landing fees: $0.30/1,000lb vs DFW’s $1.57-$2.15/1,000lb fee.
  • Prime Location: Longview is 2 hours east of Dallas, 1 hour west of Shreveport, Louisiana, 3 hours north of Houston.
  • Easily Accessible: Interstate 20, U.S. Highways 59, 259, and 80, an Amtrak rail system, and American Airlines flights make Longview easily accessible from any direction.
  • Affordable Utilities
  • ETRA Map Set - 3 maps including Aerial and Utility.
  • Book Flight  
  • Aiport 2019 Master Plan


• Airpark / Foreign Trade Zone:

  • 300 acre airpark:  Foreign Trade Zone
  • Convenient access: The airpark is adjacent to the East Texas Regional Airport.


• LeTourneau University:

  • Quality: Longview is home to the top college aviation program in the United States. LeTourneau University (LETU) won the 2009 Loening Trophy, the most prestigious and oldest award given by NIFA (National Intercollegiate Flying Association) to collegiate aviation programs.
  • Skilled Workforce: LETU has a 55,500 sq. ft. facility filled with state of the art classrooms and training facilities, as well as a 10,000 sq. ft. hanger. LeTourneau offers degrees in Aeronautical Science, Aircraft Systems, Professional Flight, Air Traffic Management, and Air Traffic Control.

• Longview, Texas:

  • Incentives Available: Businesses locating here may qualify for exemptions from property taxes on buildings, machinery, and equipment for up to ten (10) years. Cash grants and performance contracts are also available for qualifying companies.