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North Business Park

The 704 acre (285 ha) North Business Park in Longview, Texas has 419 developable acres (169 ha). It opened in 2011 and has lots available from 3 to 88 acres (0.8 to 35.6 hectares).

The park has easy access to north-south and east-west highways. George Richey Road (FM 2275) runs through the park, connecting to US Hwy 259 and US Hwy 300. US Hwy 259 connects to Interstate 20 south10 miles (16 km) and to Interstate 30 north 70 miles (113 km).

North Business Park Map set -  Maps include Aerial, Utilities, and Topography

North Business Park Covenants

Park Documentation

• Ownership

The Longview Economic Development Corporation (LEDCO) owns the North Business Park

• Zoning | Surrounding Land Use

Heavy Commercial

Surrounding Land Use: Commercial, Agricultural, Residential, School

Zoning/Surrounding Land Use Map

• Transportation | Access

The North Business Park is easily accessible to north-south and east-west highways. The park is 1 mile (1.6 km) from US Hwy 259, a north-south artery. The park is approximately 5.5 miles (8.8 km) north of US Hwy 80 and 10 miles (16 km) north of Interstate 20. Interstate 30 is approximately 70 miles (113 km)  north of the park, a direct route via US Hwy 259.

• Highways

Map - Highways 

• Airport Access

East Texas Regional Airport, with daily flights to DFW International Airport is about 15 miles (24 km) south of the North Business Park.

Shreveport Regional Airport is an hour drive east of Longview and DFW International Airport is a 2.5 hour drive west.

Map - Airports

• Rail Service

The North Business Park is not served by rail, but a local logistics company, Sam Dunn Enterprises, can provide rail car handling. Their location is approximately 8 miles (12.8 km) from the North Business Park and is serviced by the Union Pacific railroad.

• Port Service

Longview is approximately 1.5 hours from the Port of Shreveport via Interstates 20 and 49.

The Port of Houston is about 4 hours south of Longview via US Hwy 259.




Service Provider City of Longview
Main Size: 8" to 12"
Static Pressure: 85 psi
Total System Capacity 52 mgd
Excess System Capacity 19 mgd


Service Provider City of Longview
Main Size: 8"
Total System Capacity 21 mgd
Excess System Capacity 10 mgd


Service Provider AEP/SWEPCO
Arterial line size: 34,5 ykv/19.9
Available Capacity: 10 MW
Potential Service: 138,000 Volt
Nearest Sub-station 1 mile
  Sub-station is fed from 2 separate distribution circuits
  Map - electric substation
  AEP/SWEPCO Elec. Summary


Natural Gas
Service Provider CenterPoint Energy
Main Size: 2" and 4"
Line Pressure 28 psi and 30 psi


Service Provider Conterra Networks
Services Available Fiber Optic, T-1, T-3


Documents | Reports | Maps

• Environmental Assessment

NBP East side Environmental Assessment
NBP West side Environmental Assessment

• Wetlands Avoidance & Minimization

The design of the North Business Park has minimized Wetland impact. Ray Creek flows through the park, but the creek and its floodway have been excluded form developable land. Studies found no evidence of threatened or endangered species.

Wetlands and Endangered Species Report includes soils list, wetlands delineationand threatened & endangered species assessment.

Map- Wetlands - US Fish & Wildlife Service


• Miscellaneous Maps & Reports

FEMA Insurance Rate Map
Floodplain Map
, 553 acres free of floodplain

Topography Contour map of the park with lot lines.

Desktop Cultural Resources Assessment Report - East Study related to historic preservation and antiquities code, the eastern portion of the park.

Desktop Cultural Resources Assessment Report - West Study related to historic preservation and antiquities code, the western portion of the park.


Current Tenants


  • ScanTech Instruments
  • iClass Pro
  • Dollar General Distribution 
  • Bass Engineering