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Quality of Life

Longview, Texas prides itself as being a great place to live, work, and raise a family. Our location offers the best of both worlds. For people seeking an escape from rush hour traffic and overcrowded venues, Longview is the perfect place. A typical commute across town takes less than 30 minutes and traffic is essentially non-existent. Longview supports a vibrant cultural arts community. Positioned on Interstate 20 between Shreveport, LA and Dallas, the amenities of a large metropolitan area are within an hour or two drive.

Longview has no match for its beautiful, pine-covered hills, public and private golf courses, trophy-yielding bass lakes, and antique shops. The region has an abundance of community and regional festivals.

From music to theatre to outdoor activities, Longview has it all. Among the area’s many cultural landmarks are The Longview Museum of Fine Arts, The Longview Ballet and The Longview Symphony Orchestra.

For the avid outdoorsman there are several lakes perfect for fishing, swimming, and boating. Parks are scattered throughout the area providing plenty of opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty while walking, jogging, or cycling.

Shopping in Longview is truly an experience with national retail stores and restaurants in addition to varied locally owned businesses.

For more information on Longview's cultural opportunities, click here.

Amenity # in area
Public Parks 32
Public Swimming Pools 2
Tennis Courts 47
Football / Soccer Fields 14
Baseball/Softball Fields 33
Golf Courses 8
Mall 1
Cinemas 2
Public Libraries 1
Theatres 1
Symphonies 1
Orchestras 1
Ballets 1
Museums / Galleries 3
Protestant Churches 98
Catholic Churches 3
Jewish Synagogues 1
Mosque 1
Area Lakes 25


Longview’s two major medical centers provide the region with state-of-the-art health care services. With a spectrum of options ranging from primary care and prevention to highly specialized surgery and disease treatment, nearly every health situation is managed within the community. Emergency, home health care, elder care and outpatient facilities are just some of the many services available to the business community and residents.

Christus Good Shepherd has 425 beds.

Longview Regional Medical Center has 230 beds.