Regional Stability with a National Reach

Longview serves as a vibrant and accessible hub for a large portion of the East Texas economy, strategically positioned to cater to a wide array of businesses and industries. Its strategic location at the intersection of major highways, such as Interstate 20 and U.S. highway 80, places it within a day's drive from some of the top markets in the nation. This exceptional location facilitates efficient distribution and transportation networks, making Longview an ideal choice for companies seeking to tap into regional and national markets. Whether it's the booming industries of Dallas and Houston to the west or the burgeoning markets of Shreveport, Louisiana, to the east, Longview's proximity ensures that businesses have quick and direct access to these economic powerhouses.

An Infrastructure for Innovators

Longview's thriving industrial base, skilled workforce and business-friendly environment contribute to its status as an economic powerhouse in East Texas. The city's commitment to infrastructure development, coupled with its proximity to the East Texas Regional Airport, strengthens its appeal for manufacturing and logistics enterprises. As a regional center for trade and commerce, Longview fosters economic growth, creating a conducive environment for businesses of all sizes. With its excellent connectivity and economic vitality, Longview stands as a remarkable cornerstone for the East Texas economy and an ideal launchpad for businesses looking for either regional stability, or access to major national markets.

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Strategic Connections to Larger Markets

Longview is nestled in the East Texas piney woods and nationally positioned with interstate and highway connections, along with the rail, air and port connections needed to import and export materials and goods. The city is geographically accessible, and its proximity to major markets, including Dallas, Austin, Houston, New Orleans, Tulsa, Nashville and Phoenix, make Longview a strategic location for business. 

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Educational Support

A strong, diverse labor force is readily accessible for Longview business and industry, providing opportunities for economic growth and development.

Educational institutions, including highly ranked K-12 public schools, technical/community colleges and top-notch universities, are accessible for residents, and businesses have the upper hand with access to Longview’s educated workforce and the opportunity to take advantage of the many workforce programs these institutions offer.


Investing in our Way of Life

Though Longview is a mid-sized city of over 80,000 people, residents still enjoy access to big-city amenities such as restaurants, entertainment, the arts, culture, parks and outdoor recreation. The City also reinvests in the downtown area, home to a vibrant and eclectic district of restaurants, retail, nightlife and culture.