Labor Force

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Diverse Talent for a Thriving Economy

In recent years, Longview, Texas, has witnessed a remarkable surge in its labor force, reflecting the city's dynamic economic landscape and its reputation as a reliable destination for job seekers. This growth can be attributed to several factors, including the city's expanding industrial base, a focus on workforce development and the diversification of job opportunities. As new industries set up shop and existing businesses expand, they are generating a robust demand for skilled and semi-skilled workers. The concerted efforts by local authorities and educational institutions to provide training and education aligning with the needs of these industries have also played a pivotal role in attracting a talented and diverse labor force to the region.

As the labor force of Longview continues to grow, the city has become an enticing draw for professionals, entrepreneurs and families seeking new opportunities and a vibrant community. The local job market's expansion extends across various sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing, technology and services, offering a diverse array of career paths. In addition, the city's commitment to infrastructure development and initiatives to support small businesses and startups has fostered an environment ripe for innovation and entrepreneurship, further fueling Longview's labor force growth. 

Business is Booming in Longview

Healthcare, retail and manufacturing are big businesses in Longview. Top employers in these sectors include CHRISTUS Good Shepherd Health System, Longview Regional Medical Center, Eastman Chemical, MG Foods, Capacity of Texas and Trinity Rail. Longview businesses attract skilled workers, and the City works to ensure these employees remain in Longview by creating a community where residents thrive.

Top Employment Sectors

  • Healthcare and Social Services

  • Retail Trade

  • Manufacturing

  • Accommodation and Food Service

  • Educational Services


Life in Longview

Our labor force can enjoy a healthy work-life balance with access to career resources and a wide variety of entertainment and recreation options.